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I've yet to see any bote loderrs in Japan. I need to hang out on the docks more. Wearing fishnet stockings.

Oh, and Japanese for "Bote Loderr" is "Bouto Lodaa!"
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Rock the Bote

So, I never heard of these guys until my friend was like "Check it, this is underground!" And it so was!!!!!! I didn't even think they would have an LJ comm since, yknow, you can't find them on Kazaa.

I'm pretty sure my favorite album of all time was the BL's EP/Demo deal "Ara-WHAT?" because of the pretty deep symbolism about God fucking over the world. I was all like "Way to defy convention, you sexy guys at BL!" It makes me sad they are stuck playing cheap Midwestern bars now that their heydey is long past. What makes me sadder is how commercial they got in their last album, but hey, something's gotta pay the rent on the shitty ass flat that rides the Mississippi like their ain't no yesterday today...

Name that song/album/year!!


What am I going to need here?

Well, you all... I've got a problem.

You see, I've got this boat, but it's really heavy. I'm dying to go fishing, however I just can't seem to figure out how I'm gonna get that sonuvabitch into the water, you know?

I feel like I'm missing something. Some piece of useful equipment or some such....
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